All Dogs Need A Taste Of Freedom


Those of us who grew up in the "olden days" remember when dogs pretty much roamed free in their neighborhoods, mostly causing no trouble except for an occasional tipped garbage can. They accompanied the local kids wherever they went and never had a dull day.

Nowadays, no dog is allowed outside its own fenced yard under penalty of impoundment and fines. Yet dogs need more than just a few hundred square feet of space for mental and physical exercise and enrichment, otherwise they may become completely neurotic.

It is a well known fact that an exercised dog is a calmer, more relaxed animal than one that is expected to lie around and stare at four walls or pace the same boring dirt yard all day. There are many ways to get a dog's mind and body moving, especially in the Rim Country where there are wonderful places to recreate.

Active dog owners who get out and hike soon learn the best times and places to take their dogs for a freedom walk. Some people like to take their swimming dogs to a lake or river and toss sticks or balls for them to retrieve.

Those lucky enough to have horses for trail rides can train their pups to follow along. When there's snow in the high country, active dogs love to accompany their humans when they cross country ski or snowshoe through the pine forests.

Dog owners who cannot do strenuous exercise may be able to get around on golf carts, ATVs or motorized wheelchairs.

Well-behaved dogs have the option of going with their people to Payson's dog park just off North McLane Road at Rumsey Park. There, they can run and play with other dogs, chase balls and play on the exercise equipment.

The following dogs are longing for a new home and freedom from the confinement of the kennel they are housed in at Payson Humane Society. Come by 812 S. McLane Road and meet them in person.


Cedar is a bright-eyed one-year-old neutered male Shepherd mix. He's young and playful and loves to carry his favorite toy around in his mouth.

He is a great dog when it comes to walking on leash because he doesn't pull and stays close by.

Cedar gets along fine with other dogs and enjoys playing with them in our exercise yard. We think he will make a wonderful lifetime companion.


Gracie is a sweet 2-year-old spayed female red-and-white hound mix. She is the perfect little lady with a loveable charm and polite demeanor.

She exudes happiness and contentment and appreciates any attention or treats she receives. Taking her out for a walk is pure pleasure because she is so relaxed and gentle.

Gracie came to our shelter with her buddy MoJo, so she is used to being around other dogs.

We think Gracie is a very special girl who will add a sparkle to your life.


MoJo is a foxy one-year-old neutered male Shepherd mix. He's a very friendly boy who likes to be loved on and spoiled.

He will benefit from regular daily exercise in the form of playtime and long walks. He is bright and eager to learn new tricks, and hopes his new family will work with him and spend quality time with him each day.

He and his best friend, Gracie, are kenneled together at our shelter.

This pup loves being around people, and can't wait to belong to a loving family.


Winston is a cheerful 2-year-old neutered male Shepherd/Lab mix. He has a wonderful soft clean blond coat and a stubby tail that won't clear your coffee table like most dogs.

He's a big, strong guy who could pull an Iditerod sled, but he's quite manageable on leash if he gets regular exercise. Lots of walks and fetching a ball would be good for his figure!

Winston is a super friendly dog and wouldn't hurt a flea. You can see from the happy look on his fact that he is good-natured and will make a very special companion.


Wrylie is a cute 7-month-old neutered male Black Lab mix. His coat is short and black except for a patch of white on his chest and a little on his toes.

Wrylie does not do well penned up in a kennel, but once you get him outside in the yard or for a walk, he is a terrific little dog. He walks beautifully on leash, never pulling or weaving, and comes when called.

He is such a personable little fellow, all tail wags, bright eyes and smiley mouth. This youngster still needs some training, but with a little effort and lots of praise for good behavior, we are certain he is going to be a pup to be proud of!

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