Helicopter Rides Prize For Contest Winners


Breann Brunson, a fifth-grade student at Frontier Elementary School, and Alexis Gautt, a fourth-grade student from Payson Elementary School, won the Grand Prize in the Gila County Meth Coalition's poster contest.

As the top two winners in Northern Gila County, both girls will get a helicopter ride from Native Air Helicopters.


Breann Brunson is excited about her upcoming helicopter ride.

"I am excited," Brunson said.

The subject for the poster revolved around the dangers of using meth and what the drug can do to a person, a family and a community.

Meth (methamphetamine) is a debilitating drug made from household chemicals and over-the-counter medication. Meth tears down and destroys the human mind and body, which, in turn, destroys families.

Users ravage communities by committing a variety of crimes to support their habits.

Law enforcement is reporting that there are nearly as many DUI (driving under the influence) arrests for drugs, mainly meth, as there are for alcohol, according to a press release from the Gila County Meth Coalition.

Brunson's poster explained that you should not take meth "because it will destroy your lungs," she said. "Meth goes into the blood vessels and makes you get sick and then you die."

"Don't mess with the death of Meth," was the theme of Gautt's poster.

The poster contest was open to fourth- through eighth-grade students.

The Coalition also sponsored an essay contest open to sixth- through eighth-grade students.

"Why I will never use meth," was the theme.

Kami Swift and Leandra Tellez, who attend High Desert Middle School, also won helicopter rides.

As meth use becomes an increasing problem in Arizona and across the nation, members of the Gila County Meth Coalition are working together to educate the public about its dangers. They meet the first Monday of each month at the Roosevelt Substation. Contact the Gila County Sheriff's Office at (928) 474-2208 for more information.

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