Library Discard Sold To French Gallery For $900


The staff and volunteers at the Payson Public Library are removing books from the shelves because there is no room for new purchases. The displaced books are marked for discard, generally due to lack of circulation.

But before the books move onto their next life, either in the Library Friends Bookstore or the free books shelf in the lobby, another group of volunteers inspects the discards for their potential sales value.

Recently the volunteers of the Internet sales committee -- Library Friends President Donna Hopkins, Pete Rothenbach and Elaine Falkner -- hit the jackpot.

"Actually, I was out of town," Hopkins said.

Rothenbach made the discovery, she said.

"It was an art book," explained Karen Thornton, another Library Friend who works in the bookstore.

Library Director Terry Morris said the title was "Francis Bacon" and an art gallery in France bought it.

Hopkins said Rothenbach researched the book and realized its value. The book sold for $900.

"We just took over last year," Hopkins said. "So, I don't know if it is the most we've made, but I know it's among our top moneymakers."

"It was one of the top moneymakers," Morris said. "Now we have another one up for $1,200."

The proceeds go into the library's general fund, Morris said.

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