Man Should Never Have Become Police Officer



Reading the heading of the article, "Officer fired for Tasering Unconscious Man" from the March 18 Roundup, my first thought was, "What was he thinking?"

As I read more of the article, it became clear to me that this young man should never have become a police officer. He seems not to have the demeanor to deal with the public on an adult level. I realize it must be hard and sad to see the same people with the same destructive behavior over and over again. However, as a police officer, he should have been taught to see past the behavior -- "There but for the grace of God, go I."

I think one quote was very telling of this man's attitude, "It's just a job."

I have met and personally know many law enforcement personnel, one near and dear to my heart -- my son -- and I cannot think of one of these public servants who has ever told me, "It's just a job." They are truly committed to being public servants and take their commission of "serve and protect" quite seriously. It is a true calling to become a police officer. Sadly, someone heard the wrong call.

Cindy Weeks, Payson

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