Thanks To Mogollon Health Alliance



The Mogollon Health Alliance. Has anyone ever heard of this group? If you're in the fire service, you know them. If you have been to the hospital, you know them. They are the fund-raising group of caring people who has the gift shop at Payson Regional Medical Center (PRMC).

Every year, they provide monies to health care providers in the form of grants. Fire departments are a form of a health care provider -- pre-hospital emergency care.

Again this year, Mogollon Health Alliance (MHA) sent out grant forms asking what our needs were. This year, as in many past, we asked for assistance with medical training funds. Christopher Creek-Kohl's Ranch Fire District applied for $4,000 to help with the high cost to get paramedic certification for one of our volunteers. Don Rhodes has asked if CKFD would be able to assist him with his high cost of education. MHA has generously awarded CKFD this request and Don has now enrolled in a bridge course to go on in his medical pursuit. This will be an asset for CKFD as he goes on to paramedic. With the assistance in previous years from MHA, CKFD has educated I-EMTs and bridged other medical personnel.

Thank you, Mogollon Health Alliance, for making our team qualified in what they do. Because of your thoughtfulness, CKFD is gaining another paramedic upon his graduation.

Ray Larsen, Fire Chief, Christopher Creek-Kohl's Ranch Fire District

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