The Problem With Ethanol



Ethanol receives a 51-cent per gallon blending tax credit and comes from grain that receives government price supports.

Its increasing use is raising the price of corn, which raises the price of all meat production as they are dependent on corn for feed.

Eggs and butter will cost more, and little Mike's cornflakes will cost more or become extinct as the dinosaurs.

Biodiesel benefits from a tax credit of 50 cents per gallon, depending on which type of feedstock is used, also enjoy government price supports.

By contract, production of oil and gas from newly-leased federal lands wouldn't cost the government anything. In fact, it would generate federal revenues from bonuses, rentals and royalties.

It also could come to market in much greater quantity and much faster than agrifuels now adored by our politicians and the enviro-wackos.

Besides, little Mike could always have his cornflakes and the people of Mexico could always depend on a continuous supply of corn for tortillas.

Also, ethanol is not efficient as a fuel.

However, it's an excellent food source, when there are oceans of oil and gas in the United States and Canada. This whole thing is so stupid to use food for fuel. We have just too many stupid politicians and enviro/wackos in control.

As an old retired corn and soybean farmer and retired oil and gas engineer, I, at least, know my subjects. That's more than I can say for the politicians and their fellow left-wing, liberal fellow travelers.

Ed Welge, Payson

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