Yeah, Roundabout; Nay, Illegal Immigration Ordinance



I would like to know the accident ratio at the roundabout, compared to the highways 260 and 87 intersection. Remembering the many complaints regarding the roundabout as it was being built, it seems it keeps traffic moving well. The speed limit is largely obeyed, and, to my knowledge, few accidents have occurred. Our drivers are to be congratulated for courteous cooperation.

Payson has been my much-loved home for 12 years. The friendly, caring people have been a sustaining force for me, especially since my husband passed on, seven years ago. I was proud to live here and call Payson home.

However, with the passing of the illegal immigrant ordinance, I am deeply troubled, and wonder about the true heart of Payson. Is it really a racist community?

I know our country needs to correct an unfair and complex problem, and this will take time and restructuring. I would hope it could be accomplished with grace and mercy, which is God's way. He says in our Bible, "Do not mistreat the alien among you."

Can we imagine the turmoil of losing employment, being evicted from your home, being sent to jail or back to a poor and impoverished land, without much warning?

Can we not ask God for a better way, reconsider this strict ordinance and proceed with greater care and mercy?

Why is Payson taking the lead, ahead of state or federal government, in enforcing this ordinance?

To the immigrants among us: Have hope. God says he will watch over the alien and sustain the fatherless and the widow. Many prayers are with you.

Arlene Potter, Payson

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