Snakes Are Out, Dress Accordingly



The Tonto Village Fire Department was called out late Sunday afternoon to a report of a snakebite incident near Diamond Point. The person was a woman hiking with her family and she felt a sting and did not realize, at first, that a timber rattler had bitten her.

Kevin Martin, Chad Stluka, Nick Fitch and Chief Gary Hatch responded to the call. The woman was transported by Life Star Ambulance to a site near Kohl's Resort, where a Native Air Helicopter Service transported her to Mayo Clinic, because there were no anti-venom drugs available at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Please be advised that snakes are out and plentiful. If you do any hiking in the forest, you need to be dressed properly. Wear ankle-high hiking boots, denim jeans and carry a walking stick.

Tonto Village Fire Board Report

The fire board met on April 11 at the fire station. At that time, the board told residents that the contract for hiring Chief Gary Hatch of Diamond Star Fire Department was approved by both fire boards. The contract is for one year in the amount of $28,200. Chief Hatch stated for that time period, there will be a regular training schedule and a "mini" academy, beginning in June for those volunteers who want to have some extra training. Also, Chief Hatch has been helping the fire board to construct a budget for 2007-08.

The Tonto Village Fire Board has requested that if there is anyone within the district who has equipment that belongs to the department, please return the items as soon as possible, so that the audit and the inventory can be completed.

The Fire Board has also changed the meeting days for its regular meetings. The meetings will now be held on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning with the meeting for May. The date will be May 15 at 6 p.m. at the fire station.

The fire board urged everyone to visit the Web site for more information. The Web site is

There will be a Hazardous Waste Materials disposal put on by the Town of Payson. The items can be dropped off at the rodeo grounds on May 12, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Items such as old batteries, old fire extinguishers, paint cans, aerosol cans and old oil will be accepted. Everyone has some of these items, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Red Flag explanation

There are many residents who do not understand what the Red Flag means. When a red flag warning or alert is issued, it means that wildfire conditions exist. In other words, if the sustained winds are 25 mph, there is low humidity of 15 percent or lower, and there is low fuel moisture, a high fire danger is present. These conditions will be determined by the USFS.

The Red Flags will be posted at the fire station and there is work-in-progress for signs to be posted at the entrance of the Control Road.

In simple language, according to Kevin Martin, "If the wind is blowing, do not burn." This is a good rule of thumb for everyone. For the first offense, the fine could go up to $400.

I urge everyone in the village to observe the signs for no burning when the flag is up. We all must do our share to protect our

little community. In other times, a burn permit is required. They can be filled out at the fire station. If you have any questions, call the fire station at (928)478-4875.


Sherri Moore and Wendell Scott Roebuck will tie the knot on Friday, May 4, at the open-air chapel near Kohl's Ranch at 3 p.m. Both Sherri and Wendell work and live near Kohl's Ranch. The reception will be at the Double D Restaurant, following the ceremony.

We all wish the newlyweds congratulations and wish them many happy years together.

Pool results

Cliff Landrum was in his best form to win the eight-ball tournament this past Sunday afternoon at the Double D. Harvey Poyner and Dennis McCreary, who hails from the Valley and sometimes visits, took second and third places.

This past Tuesday evening, it was the gals' turn at the tables for the nine-ball tournament. Ethel Cain, Patty Boeschling and Linda Stailey took the top three spots. Congratulations to all the winners.

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