Tower Well Must Be Shut Off, Permanently



As a resident of Star Valley, I read with interest the "Open reply to Mr. Tom Garrett" written by Lynn Godfrey that appeared in the April 20 edition of the Roundup.

It was a very informative and persuasive story, and it was interesting to read about the various layers the Tower Well passes through. He concludes, however, that "this area has no water availability problem and probably no water extraction problems."


I just love that "wiggle" word.

In fact, the whole story is full of wiggle words like, "probably," "possibly," "not likely," "it seems possible" and "we believe." Slipping words like that in there, he thinks, will save him from criticism, when they are proven to be untrue.

Well, they have already been proven to be untrue.

This informative and authoritative-sounding story ignores the facts. The facts are that Star Valley has documented proof that surrounding wells are negatively impacted every time the Tower Well pumps water.

It doesn't matter how much water anyone thinks there is, or how many and how deep the Tower Well penetrates in its rape of Star Valley. The fact is that this well is affecting our wells and will certainly dry up many of them, if it is allowed to pump from our aquifer.

The other fact that is being conveniently ignored here is that the so-called "safe yield" water study was based on historical rainfall figures. Those averages are completely irrelevant because we are in the 12th year of drought. There is no "safe" yield that can be relied upon in time of drought. Nobody knows how long the drought will last.

And the fact remains that while the drought continues, Star Valley cannot risk depleting its reserves by sending thousands of acre-feet of water to Payson. And when the drought ends, Payson won't need it any more.

The only possible conclusion any thinking and rational person can reach is that the Tower Well will certainly harm Star Valley during this ongoing drought and cannot be allowed to pump. This has been proven by the monitors on surrounding wells, and all the statistics from the analysis of historical rainfall records will not refute it.

I'm real glad the Payson Water Task Force put "pencil to paper" and concluded it was OK to take our water. Star Valley put monitors on wells to reach its conclusions. It is not OK to take our water.

The Tower Well must be shut off, permanently. Anyone who thinks it will not harm Star Valley has their head in the sand.

Debra Speakes, Star Valley

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