Visiting The Capitol


Students from six Gila County high schools, including Mandy Parker and Kayla Morgan from Payson, toured the State Capitol Museum and Senate April 26.

They received a special invitation, thanks to Gila County Manager Steve Besich, to visit the eighth-floor room of the State Capitol where Gov. Janet Napolitano meets with her advisers.

Brent Brown, rural adviser to the Governor, visited with the students, along with Rep. Bill Konopnicki.

The County Supervisors Association treated the students to lunch.

At the CSA, students were able to visit with Senators Jake Flake and Rebecca Rios, along with Representatives Peter Rios, Barbara McGuire, Rich Crandall and Supervisor Shirley Dawson.

The politicians spoke to the students about becoming aware of the issues that will face the rural communities and becoming active in support of these communities. They were encouraged to take an interest in Gila Community College and be aware of voting for people who will represent the rural communities of Arizona.

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