Immigration Ordinance Amendment Doesn't Make Sense



I was recently looking at articles about illegal immigration, when I stumbled upon the April 3 article about the immigration ordinance. I noticed that it said the ordinance had been amended, saying that employers will still be fined for hiring an illegal, but landlords will no longer be fined for renting to an illegal. This does not make sense to me. If an illegal cannot work here, but can live here, how are they going to support themselves? Will the government have to use more of my future Social Security to support them? Should our town expect an increase in crime like theft and drugs being sold? Will there be even more marijuana fields all around the Rim Country? Can we look forward to our sleepy little town being turned upside down into a gang-infested war zone where it will not be safe to leave our houses? Also, the article said that, "On March 15, Councilor Ed Blair voted against the ordinance because it included landlords." Is it possible that Councilor Ed Blair is secretly

renting to an illegal immigrant, or possibly even more? These are all questions that crossed my mind when reading this article, and I wonder if these thoughts are going to become reality. Thank you very much for your time.

Zachary Sorgalla, Eighth-grader, Rim Country Middle School

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