Landlords Need To Pay More Attention To Their Tenants



I have heard so many complaints from landlords who rent to tenants who do not pay the rent or who are illegals.

Who are you kidding, Payson?

This letter is not to those people who have property and really care about it. It is to those landlords who are just renting to get rent and not taking care of the property to begin with, not caring how many people live there, or if drugs are sold there or if the property looks like a trash can.

First, the Town of Payson needs to serve you with notices to clean up your act, or Payson takes your property for being a danger to Payson, for letting illegals and drugs on your property or for creating safety hazards.

You say you cannot prove that a tenant is legal. First, you have them list the last three places they paid rent to and call those landlords and just ask, would you rent to them again? Second, ask them, why have you moved so many times in the last three years? How can you pay for rent when your rent is one third of your pay? You still have the cost of power, phone and cost of everyday living. Third, carry rent insurance. That runs about $200 per year. Ask for past rent receipts, a good renter will have them. And lastly, ask for their tax returns. Fourth, you have the right to check your property when a tenant lives on the property, if you give 24-hour notice and a time when you will do an inspection.

You can go to check heater, air, blow out dryer vents and the motor on the refrigerator. Put in an air filter once a month. Check for water leaks every six months. This gives you a chance to see what is going on and make sure only the persons on the lease live there.

You live out of town, a company rents your place out for you, do a surprise visit once a year, see if they are doing the job you pay them for. Everyone has a right to a place that is safe and clean. The landlord has a job to make sure he has a good tenant. And people who live next door have the right to feel they do not have to worry about the person next to them.

We all live here. Why should we have a town of drugs, slum landlords and illegals? It takes everyone not to make an OK town, a town everyone feels safe in and is a great place to live.

Jane Moore, Scottsdale, formerly of Payson

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