Unveiling More Artists On Main Street


J.R. Keller is the newest member of Artists of the Rim Gallery and Co-op. His bronze sculptures, alongside the work of Brenda Baker and Robert Barela, are the featured artistic endeavors for May.

"Dick Wolfe (a silversmith) called me and said they wanted a sculptor and (asked if I) would consider it," Keller said. "I told him that I would be honored."

Baker and Overton are original members of the cooperative gallery that opened late last summer.

Baker and Overton have widely different styles.

Baker's abstract pieces explore color and shape, often with a spray technique she developed.

The irises, roses and tulips in Overton's garden are revealed in lush patterns.

The gallery will host a reception for the three artists from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday.

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