Why Should Illegal Immigrants Have Access To Free Health Care?



I agreed with Bob Ernst, as soon as I read the Payson Roundup and his letter to the editor. The Payson Town Council is beginning to backtrack on the immigration ordinance and I have to ask, "Why?" The rules are the rules.

Also, S. Burnbaugh's letter to the editor was very well expressed. How can the government (and schools) legislate that the immigrants are permitted to have their babies free at hospitals, as well as any receive free treatment for any illnesses.

My daughter, without money and/or insurance, was denied any care with the doctors or hospitals until she had high blood pressure and a heart problem. Is it fair that Americans cannot receive care, while immigrants can, without question? I know it isn't right. There are volumes of such things we must correct.

Rosa Hodgdon, Payson

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