Another Day At The Humane Society



As the sun rises on Payson Humane Society, another day begins.

Fantasia looks out the window. She and her best friend, Bitzy, plan their day in cat house #6. Scout and his lifelong friend, Cookie, remember the good ol' days and look forward to their new home where, together, they will meet their future.

They look out the back window at Mojo, who is waiting for his turn to go out into the dog play yard. Thank heavens for George and Heidi and the other dog yard volunteers who let them out to play!

Harvey the Hound gallantly patrols the play yard and sounds off in a most authoritative hound's hoot whenever anyone breaks the dog yard rules. Romeo, Dallas and Cedar play keep-away with a rope toy.

Another day comes and goes at Payson Humane Society.

This is a glimpse into the world of just a few of the animals who are waiting patiently for their forever homes. If you have a "forever" place in your heart and home, please call (928) 474-5590 or come and meet us at 812 S. Mc Lane Road.


Cookie is a dear 3-year-old spayed female gray tabby with white markings.

She's hoping to find a quiet home with a family who will take care of her forever and see how special she is.


Romeo is a 1-year-old neutered male Basenji/Bulldog mix. He has a wonderfully soft golden tan and white coat that needs little care. He is a bright-eyed, perky-eared, eager-to-please type of dog. His tail always wags a welcome when you come to see him, and he is so appreciative when you take him out for a walk.

Romeo is a good boy when he plays with the other dogs in our exercise yard and he's had plenty of experience with all kinds of dogs and people at our shelter.

He would love to be your hiking buddy or fishing companion or ride shotgun in your truck. He'd be equally happy helping to hold down the fort at home in a big back yard with another friendly family dog or two.


Harvey is a happy, handsome 1-year-old neutered male black-and-tan coon hound. He is a beautiful dog from the pleading expression on his face to his proudly forward curving tail. He is long and slender with narrow hips and has a resonant bugle voice.

Harvey has a dear personality and is a very agreeable dog. He walks on leash without pulling, and minds his manners.

He is content to stay in the house as a family dog or go for outings in the forest to exercise his body and keen nose. Because he is scent-driven, his owners must be watchful that he does not get separated from them. Walking him on leash is the best remedy for wanderlust!


This beautiful 2-year-old neutered male liver and white Springer Spaniel came into the shelter as a stray. He is such a wonderful dog. Our shelter staff can't believe his owners did not come looking for him.

He is handsome with a silky liver and white coat. His personality is very outgoing, friendly and very attentive.

It appears someone has spent some time training him on basic commands. He still needs some polish on leash training. He is eager to please and quick to learn.

He is every inch a sporting dog of distinct spaniel character, combining balance and enthusiasm along with beauty of the breed.


Dallas is a dashing 1-year-old neutered male Shepherd/Shar Pei mix. His beautiful coat glows golden orange and is easy maintenance. He has a wonderful happy tail.

This bright-eyed boy is a wonderful walking partner. He never pulls the leash, and he minds well.

He is at a good age to begin home schooling to be the kind of dog you want him to be. He is intelligent, alert and willing to learn, especially if you reward him for good behavior with treats.

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