Be A Good Sport, Let People Pass



From the air it would look like a serpent winding its way through the hills between Payson and Pine. The "head" of the serpent is a member of the dreaded "Gray Haired Road Rally Team." Her job, that she enjoys immensely, is that of a "blocker." Simply put: She is gleefully going to disrupt the temporal flow of traffic. She is doing 10 to 15 mph under the speed limit to see just how long she can make the body of the serpent. She knows there are only four places to pass on Highway 87 and if she plays her evil cards right, she can eliminate three of them by accelerating just enough to deny those who follow the chance for freedom. She is proud of her self-appointed mission. The power and the deception make her giddy.

As the convoy creeps along, one can sense the tempers building. The cars behind the villainess are jockeying back and forth looking for a chance to get by, but to no avail. They will have to wait and make their move at the passing lane by the landfill. But the blocker is experienced. She, too, knows it is coming and she knows just what to do.

As the victims tighten their grasp of the steering wheel and settle further into their seats in anticipation, the blocker is preparing. As they approach the start of the passing lane, her eyes squint, she tenses. To the dismay of the anxious followers, she does not move from the passing lane. Smiling, she waits for the first fool to try and past her on the right. Here he comes. She can hardly contain her joy. Just at the last moment, she jumps into the right lane trapping the foolish driver between herself and the now accelerating traffic in the passing lane. All involved in this turn of events can now almost hear her foot slam the gas pedal to the floor. Black smoke spews from her exhaust as her steed accelerates to 25 mph above the speed limit. The race is on.

Curse words abound as the traffic prisoners try to pass. Some do, most won't. Her favorite part is yet to come. As the two lanes merge at the end of the passing zone, she again waits just for the right moment and cuts off the closest victim. She now resumes her slow speed, her smile and her serpent building.

Sound familiar? This is a dangerous practice for all. Be a good sport, let people pass. The passing lanes should not be an invitation to be rude.

G.R. Bossert, Pine

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