‘Compassionate Conservative' Code Word For ‘Lying Scoundrel'



At the very least, apologies are owed. Wolfowitz (Iraq War zealot and now World Bank thief) is revealed to be without ethics. Gonzales (Attorney General) can't recall which lie he told last. Rice (then National Security Adviser) had the nerve to say that nobody could anticipate that terrorists would use planes as weapons, when everyone in the intelligence community knew that was exactly what terrorists intended. Rice: Liar or incompetent?

"Colin" Powell (then Secretary of State) with a perfect first name, since he proved on the United Nations world stage that he is "full of it."

Tenet (then CIA director, appointed by a Democrat, but corrupted by a Republican) now profits from a book, after not having the guts to stand up to weasels Bush/Cheney and save America from the shame of Iraq.

And Bush/Cheney, if their lips are moving, they're lying.

Anyone, (Supreme Court Justices included) who thought it was a good idea to turn our country over to Bush/Cheney and the Republicans should repent, beg forgiveness and promise never to be that dim-witted again.

Just remember, "compassionate conservative" is the code word for "lying scoundrel."

Jim Kane, Pine

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