Gooder Has Fire District Interests At Heart



According to Pine/Strawberry Fire Department Captain Robert McCormick's letter (Roundup, April 24), "Pine-Strawberry can do better than Gooder. Please vote for Robert Senita." Mr. Senita ran for a vacant position on the P/S/ Fire Board in the November 2006 election against Rose Harper and Forrest McCoy and lost.

Subsequent to the November '06 election the P/S Fire Board removed Chairman Dan McKinney. Mr. Senita applied to the Board for the then open position. The evening he appeared before the Board for their consideration and possible election, Board Member Forrest McCoy asked Senita if he had a relative working for the Pine/Strawberry Fire District to which Senita replied, "Yes, it was his wife." There was discussion regarding this being a conflict of interest. Chairperson Harper stated she thought that Senita had cleared up this matter, indicating that Senita knew he had a "conflict of interest" when he ran for election in the 2006 General Election. A subsequent vote by the Fire Board on Mr. Senita's application for board membership ended in a tie vote, and the motion died. Mr. McKinney's position on the board was awarded to another candidate at a later date. After two failed attempts to obtain a seat on the Pine/Strawberry Fire Board by Mr. Senita, I must ask what is the driving force that brings Mr. Senita to be a candidate in the

current "recall election?" Especially when his wife remains an employee of the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department, although she is temporarily on a "leave of absence." Leave of absence would lead the writer to ask, "Does she plan to return to active employment, if her husband is successfully elected to the P/S Fire Board?"

I would encourage the voters of Pine/Strawberry to consider their votes carefully. Ross Gooder, my friend and neighbor, has demonstrated during his several years on the P/S Fire Board, that he wants our Fire District to "be the best that it can be," but at the same time keeping the taxpayer burden within reason.

Ken Lucas, Strawberry

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