Middle School Students Say ‘Thank You'


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 to May 11 and Rim Country Middle School students decided to honor the men and women who chose to teach them.

"As parents (in the volunteer committee), we just want to let them know we appreciate all that they do," said parent Heather Chilson.


Rim Country Middle School teachers Cindy Owens, Tiffany Christensen and Nicole Ward.

Mrs. Jones lets us be ourselves and learn at our own pace and she has a very good sense of humor.


Mrs. Owens treats us with respect and she is a very nice teacher.


Mrs. Ward is a great teacher because she teaches so that everyone in the class can understand.


Mr. Schaal really makes learning fun, his class is interesting and he is a really funny teacher.


Mr. Graham makes class fun and he is a really funny guy.


Mrs. Young is my favorite teacher because she knows how to relate to teenagers so that we understand what she is teaching.


I appreciate Ms. Sedillo because she is always there when you need help. She is nice and caring. She makes learning a lot of fun.

Morgan, sixth-grader

I appreciate Mrs. Utz because her class is very fun for me. She makes sure that we can understand. She does fun plays to help us with the story or poem. She knows what she's teaching and explains well.

Katie, sixth-grader

I appreciate Mrs. Quinlan because she is always happy and excited about things. She makes science more fun than most teachers. I always have a smile on in her class.


I appreciate Mr. Tatum because when you get down to a low grade, he helps you get that grade up again. He makes sure that you are focused, but you can have fun at the same time.


I appreciate Ms. Wallace because she makes me want to exercise more than I used to. She is great with all kids.


I appreciate Ms. Young because she is an extremely great teacher. She completely covers the subject and makes sure everyone understands it. She pays attention to each student.


I appreciate Ms. Ward because she is an awesome teacher who shows us the six pillars of character. She makes me want to learn more and more about math.


I appreciate Ms. Christensen because she teaches the subject well and helps us get it right. She rocks. Her way of teaching is awesome and is very understandable.


I love science because of Ms. Fletcher. She always makes it fun. We do a lot of experiments, which I always love doing. She has taught me a lot.


I appreciate Mr. Fishel because he helps me with understanding stuff better. He even stayed at the hospital with me for six hours. He is a very trustworthy person.


I appreciate Mrs. Alderson, because if you forget how to do your work, she will explain it however many times until you get it and she never gets mad, if you don't understand.

Jaden B.

I appreciate Mrs. Alderson because she makes sure everybody knows what to do and she is never mean to any student. She can cheer people up.

Corey L.

I appreciate Mr. Carpenter because he is always getting students in a good mood and helps everybody learn if they have questions.

Megan W.

I appreciate Miss Toma because she lets us go outside and do awesome lessons in the classroom. She helps you to understand.

Kaitlyn W.

I appreciate Mr. Graham because he lets everyone participate and he doesn't give us much homework.

Megan, seventh-grader

I appreciate Ms. Kinnick because she explains everything in detail and makes class fun.

Rachel, seventh-grader

I appreciate Mrs. Liddell because she helps me understand math by explaining and showing us until we get it.

Dailyann, eighth-grader

I appreciate Mr. Carpenter because he lets us do science activities and that makes learning science fun.

Sydnee, sixth-grader

I appreciate Mr. Wilcox because he teaches us fun, sports games. We do something fun every day.

Sid, seventh-grader

I appreciate Ms. Owens because she is very enthusiastic about teaching. She always gives us extra credit opportunities.


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