Nurse Nancy Marsh Given Patients Choice Award


Payson Regional Medical Center honored Nancy Marsh yesterday with the "Patients Choice Award."

Patients nominated nurses throughout the year for the award as a way of thanking them for their care and concern. The nominees were Vicki Brown, Kay Chasse, Lisa Donham, Nancy Marsh and Stephen Thompson.


Payson Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Chris Wolf presented Nancy Marsh with the Patients Choice award Thursday.

The PRMC administrative team reviewed the nominations and the winner was selected by the board of trustees.

The PRMC Patients Choice Award was given presented to Marsh by Chief Executive Officer Chris Wolf and Michael McCleery, surgical services director.

According to the nomination, "Nancy was the biggest sweetheart. She was always right there when we needed her. Even when she was not our nurse, she always asked how my mother was doing. She was the best. She also took the time to explain things. She has the best people skills. Other nurses could learn a lot from her. The world could use more nurses like her."

Marsh has worked at PRMC for two years, serving on the med/surg floor -- caring for patients who are in the hospital for either a medical condition or recovering from surgery.

The New York native has been a nurse for 30 years. As an honors student in high school, she took aptitude tests and was awarded a scholarship in nursing. She was told by her mother, since she had the scholarship, that was what she was going to study in college.

"It's been a blessing," she said. "I have always been happy with nursing and I've always enjoyed it."

Before coming to Payson, Marsh worked for two years in intensive care and critical care units and another 13 in long-term care. A couple of years before making the move to Arizona, she worked med/surg.

The move to Payson was made after numerous visits to family in the area and when the first grandchild in the family was born in Arizona, Marsh and her husband bought a home here.

When asked what she would tell young people considering a career as a nurse or in the health care industry, Marsh said, "Nursing is a tough job. Money can't be the reason for going into it. You have to love serving people. You have to be compassionate. It's about taking care of people."

She would recommend being a volunteer at the hospital or becoming a nurse's aide.

"The nurses I know that started that way become well-rounded and well-versed in many areas and know the importance of their teams," Marsh said.

She also suggested becoming involved in community service to see if you have an aptitude for being a "people person."

"I'm very honored to be recognized by this award," she said. "It's a pleasure to take care of patients each day. I want to thank the hospital staff and administration and the board, as well as the patient that nominated me."

The nominations of the other candidates were just as glowing as Marsh's.

Nominating Vicki Brown, the patient wrote, "Vicki made me feel welcome in the ER. She always smiled. I didn't feel like I was a ‘baby' near as much, by the way she treated me. She made sure I knew that it was a good idea to come in."

The patient nominating Kay Chasse wrote, "Kay was very comforting to me. She explained everything from beginning to end. She is very knowledgeable. Also, she took great care of me while I waited for my procedure. She is a credit and blessing to Payson Regional Medical Center. Her positive outlook, compassion and gentleness were greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed. Kay is, by far, the best nurse I have had in years, and she deserves this award 10 times over."

According to the nomination for Lisa Donham, "Lisa is one of the sweethearts at PRMC. She's one of the best nurses that you have at night. She always takes her time to explain things and was always right there when my mom needed her. I hope that she will stay on our staff. She's the best night nurse you have."

A PRMC employee, who was also a patient nominated Stephen Thompson. This is a portion of what was written, "I was scheduled for surgery on my shoulder. Most everyone is nervous about surgery. All of the preparation for surgery can be uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing ... being an employee of our facility allows me to have a closer rapport with the staff. Regardless, they were all very concerned for my well-being. Stephen was especially kind and considerate. There was never a time when I felt alone or lost. He was always there to give me a kind word and a smile. Each time he came to my side to comfort me, I felt a bit better. There are those nurses that exude professionalism, confidence and compassion for their patients and Stephen is certainly at the top of that list."

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