A Few Thoughts On Police Protection For Star Valley



Before the Payson Town Council voted to offer police services to Star Valley on May 3, the issue was discussed at prior meetings in a negative light.

Payson councilors stated that Star Valley's budget could not afford the four standard police protection options presented for consideration; that under these circumstances, the most likely affordable option was to only respond to emergency calls.

If money is the overriding impediment, why didn't the Payson Town councilors give brownie points to the money Star Valley residents contribute regularly to the Town of Payson's budget from city sales taxes.

Though Star Valley's population is only 2,006 at this time, its annual sales tax contribution of $100 per resident, a low estimate, added $200,600 to the Payson coffers in 2006 alone -- not counting previous years' contributions. Moreover, water from Star Valley wells has enabled the Town of Payson to derive substantial income from subdivisions that were built because of our water. Residents of those subdivisions now pay high Payson property taxes.

Payson police protection to the Town of Star Valley should have been negotiated so that the contributions from both adjoining communities are given equal value. It is a given that both derive multiple benefits from each other.

Mary Lou Lopez-Miller, Star Valley

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