Star Valley Should Not Install Photo Radar



Having lived in Arizona for 10 years (three of them in Payson), I have to "sound off" on Photo Radar proposed to stop speeders in Star Valley.

I read that they are considering a radar camera on Highway 260 to slow down drivers.

Consider this. If a private business runs the "camera tickets," there is a profit or a commission involved. Whenever, that is the case, I am leery of the motive behind the ticket.

What if the business needs revenue, or its stock needs to rise?

A police officer does not receive a commission for tickets he writes. The camera has no compassion.

Fact: If a driver chooses to disobey traffic laws constantly, they will, and probably have, been caught. The occasional infraction done by us all, deserves the "compassion" of the police officer making the traffic stop.

Example: You've been driving for 30 years and have never had a ticket. The camera will not care.

If the real reason is to slow down drivers, place an officer with a hand-held radar unit along Highway 260 in high profile. Let people see him. They'll slow down. And I'm sure he'll still stop many people speeding.

Because if this is really about safety and not about revenue from tickets, you should consider anything but photo radar.

John Dipinto, Florida (Formerly of Payson)

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