Protection In Makeup And Funny Clothes


Bullfighters are a bull rider's best friend.

The bullfighter's No. 1 job is to protect a fallen rider from a rampaging bull, often throwing his own body between the bull and the bull rider.


Bullfighters might dress for laughs -- and forego the required long jeans and long-sleeved shirts, and even the cowboy boots -- but their job is all business, and what stands between a rampaging bull and the rider who has just dismounted or been thrown into the arena.

Barrelmen also play an important role in cowboy protection. They often help to lure a bull away from a cowboy. But that's not a barrelman's only job. He's also there to entertain the crowd during breaks in the action.

Clowns, much like barrelmen, entertain the crowd during breaks in the rodeo, but they don't play a role in cowboy protection, according to the PRCA Media Guide.

Sometimes the audience has a hard time telling the difference between the three. After all, anyone in an arena during a rodeo might have a hand in protecting a cowboy at some point.

The bullfighters scheduled to appear in the May 18 and 19 Gary Hardt Memorial Rodeo are Casey Wells and Luke Krant.

Wells has been a member of the PRCA for nearly 10 years.

Born in Prescott, when not in the arena, he manages a feedlot and does horseshoeing. He also golfs in his down time. Wells will be in a blue shirt, red and blue shorts and a black hat in the arena. No information was available on Krant.

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