Here's A Suggestion For Payson Council



We are in the 12th year of drought and who knows when it will end. The safe yield study is not a sustainable yield study. The problem here is that this safe yield study was based on historical rainfall figures. They are not relevant, since we have been in a drought for the past few years.

I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. The Council should consider a moratorium on future water hookups if any further water restrictions go below our present Phase 2. Plan like it's Phase 3.

I can't see Payson residents making a sacrifice, just so developers can line their pockets at our expense. We are probably already close to a critical allotment of providing water to any more housing, especially for the 400 condos going up across the road from our Town Well.

The former mayor and council are the ones responsible for this whole water mess and the Tower Well.

That whole mess almost has a corruption smell about it. We don't need any more of that old type of government with its good ole boy network.

We need to keep our present mayor and most of the council. Its honesty and integrity are most important.

Our town has enough empty commercial buildings and resale homes to keep the real estate agents busy for years to come.

The Tower Well may be or may not be the solution. Even if it is, we can't feed hundreds of future homes on it forever or until Blue Ridge water comes through, if it ever does.

Ed Welge, Payson

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