Humane Society Does All It Can To Give Animals Chance At New Home



Payson Humane Society is different.

When you walk through the front door, the first thing you notice is the common areas for cats. We believe that this makes the cats feel less like prisoners, and more like they are home. So, unlike most shelters, our cats share a space.

The next thing you may notice, is that sometimes, the same cat or dog may be at the shelter for a long time. You see, at Payson Humane Society, we never kill an animal based only on the length of time they have been with us. If an animal is well-adjusted to our environment, they may stay as long as it takes to find their forever home.

Another big difference is the fact that we don't automatically put down an animal because of age, injury or illness. Two wonderful examples of this are Anthony and H.R.

Anthony, a very small mixed breed, who first came to PHS in July of 2004, was 13, he was adopted and returned to the shelter twice over the next couple of years because he doesn't really care for other dogs and doesn't want children pestering him.



At 16 years old, Anthony came back to the shelter and stayed there for another six months. It was May 5 when Leslie came into the shelter and fell for Anthony's charming personality and took him to her Mother Dee. Where, she assures us, he will live happily ever after.

H.R. was brought to PHS after he was hit by a car and left to die in the ditch. Animal control brought him to the shelter to be put down. But when Ellie, the animal care supervisor, saw the thoughtful expression on his face, and as he wagged his tail and looked into her eyes, she knew she couldn't put him down that day. So, he went to the vet. After some ups and downs, H.R. lost one of his back legs, but he adjusted to the disability quickly. And sure enough, after about a month-and-a-half of recovery time, a sweet lady came to the shelter and saw the beautiful light in his eyes and fell in love. After a few visits, she and her husband took H.R. home. And if you ask them, he is the best dog in the world.



If you're looking for a wonderful special animal that would be welcome to share your world, here are a few that you need to meet.


Red is a rescued 2-year-old neutered Aussie mix. He was brought to PHS just hours away from being euthanized at the facility where he was staying.

The rescue people, who brought him in, were drawn to his beauty and courage, given the situation he was in.

In working with Red, we have found him to be somewhat timid and shy. He definitely likes to eat and is eager to grab food if it is too close.

Red needs some training, that is for sure, but he is a smart guy who is eager to learn.

Please come and take a look at him. He may be your next best friend.


Rudy is an owner-donated 3-year-old neutered red heeler mix.

He has been very well-behaved since coming into the shelter.

He is a quiet guy, but he seems happy going for walks and being with people.

Please come in and visit with Rudy.


Simon is a 3-year-old neutered male Akita. He has a white and brown coat that needs brushing about once a week, to keep in good condition.

Simon has a great personality. He loves people and kids, and he gets along with the other dogs at the shelter.

Akitas are large, powerful and alert, with much substance and heavy bone. They the largest of the Japanese Spitz-type breeds.

An Akita has a deep muzzle, small eyes, erect ears, and a large, curled tail.

The Akita is renowned for his fierce love, loyalty and obedience to his owner.

Akitas have webbed feet and are very strong swimmers. They need space and should not be confined.

Akitas are intelligent, courageous and fearless. The breed is known to be docile, but sometimes spontaneous.

Please come and see Simon. You will fall in love with his playful self.

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