Teen Wonders About The Future Of War In Iraq



Blake, 3, pauses at the war memorial in Green Valley Park.

Even though it's hard to count the deaths in the war in Iraq, the 2006 estimate is 2,366 killed and 17,464 wounded. Still, we continue to sacrifice our soldiers to build up a government in Iraq.

I understand we are a compassionate country and we are willing to help in the time of need. But we are also taking care of two countries at the same time.

My number one question is, how much more time will it take?

And how does the mayor of Payson feel about the war? When asked, Mayor Bob Edwards said, "We need to support our troops. Why send them over there if we aren't going to be right behind them?"

Those are words of wisdom, in my opinion.

I wonder if Iraq is strong enough to be on their own?

Are they relying on us too much?

We will not know for sure, unless the day comes when we bring our soldiers home safe.

Even then, only time will tell.

Until then, "thank you" to our troops. We are 100 percent behind you.

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