There Is No Porn At Pete's Place



I am writing this letter in response to the photo printed in your paper on May 8, in which a man protesting Pete's Place in Star Valley is holding a sign that refers to the establishment as "Porno Pete's."

Most people generalize the word "pornography" as sexually explicit magazines, books, pictures or acts. Pete's Place does not sell pornographic material of any kind, or provide pornographic entertainment, as the protestor's sign insinuates. Pete's Place does provide "quality, tasteful, adult entertainment" to patrons of at least 21 years old.

Pete's Place has no issue with responsible public criticism. However, Pete's Place has the absolute legal right to exist under local, state and federal laws.

In the end, it is an individual's right to patronize Pete's Place or not to patronize Pete's Place. Thankfully in America, people have the gift of choice.

The management of Pete's Place

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