Humans Responsible For Violence, Not Guns



I am writing in response to the letter from Wayne Donnay published May 8 about gun violence.

"Gun violence," Mr. Donnay? How about more accurately, "human violence?" You connect the words as if the guns produced the violence. They're tools -- no better or worse than the people who use them. If guns produced violence, then a pen can misspell words.

How about the thousands of times firearms prevent acts of violence against good citizens?

The exaggerated statistics to which you refer are right out of the holplophobic (irrational fear of guns) Brady organization's anti-gun treatise. The children your statistics refer to include gang members.

Yes, we have a sick society whose ills of illegal drug use, poverty, lack of education and discipline must be dealt with, but don't choose the incorrect and easy target of the guns criminals use. Less than one-tenth of 1 percent of firearms are used illegally.

Hank Marquardt, firearms instructor, Payson

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