Illegal Immigrants Have Unrealistic Set Of Expectations



My wife and I have been residents of Payson since the mid-1980s and after selling our business in 2000, have been spending several months every year in Mazatlan, Mexico. I have been really concerned with the problems our country has with illegal immigration, and sincerely believe, left uncontrolled as it is, will undermine our economic future and our entire social fabric. We definitely need the labor force that immigration provides, but we need to stop the illegal invasion and start a process of finding a legal means to provide for these people.

In February, the publisher of a English-language newspaper here in Mazatlan published an editorial which speaks of our role, as immigrants to Mexico, and the expectations that the Mexican government has for us, as visitors to its country.

I think many of the illegal immigrants to our country have a set of expectations that are unrealistic and simply not in the best interest of our citizenry. If they were held to the same standard that we are, as immigrants to Mexico, things would be much different in the United States.

Larry J. Kontz, Payson

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