Payson Should Build Indoor Courts And Recreation Center For Teens



Since Payson is installing new playground equipment, they should also add new sports courts. Rumsey has five baseball fields, two soccer fields, tennis courts and two basketball courts. One of the basketball courts is part of a tennis court and it is inconvenient to play there. One volleyball court is not in very good shape, and is all sand, which is harder to practice on.

I think Payson should add indoor volleyball and basketball courts. The people who go there to play will have the advantages of safer practice. They will be indoors, so they can play when the weather isn't that great. And the afternoon sun wouldn't be in the players' eyes.

Payson should consider adding a teen center where teens and young adults can hang out and maybe even stay out of trouble.

Also, the teens would be out of the way of younger kids and toddlers playing at the park.

Teens sometimes get into trouble because they need something to do. They get bored and they need something to entertain themselves. They need someplace to go and have fun, hang out with friends, mess around, listen to music and have someplace to go if they are having a hard time.

So, the teen center and courts can be together or next to each other, because then they can play basketball or volleyball, then have some place to go afterward.

If the Town of Payson puts this idea into consideration, that would be great because it will benefit others and will be put to use. Thank you for reading my ideas.

Kendra Schroeder, Eighth-grader, RCMS

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