Senior Comments 2007


Favorite moment:

Nailing our competition routine after months of morning and afternoon practices and giving it my all, every time. -- Kalli Wilembrecht

Getting the onside kick vs. Show Low in football. -- Zak Miller

Going to graduation. -- Zach Rodgers

The day I got my car. -- Cole Herrera

Senior Girls quadding trip, Mexico trip, junior year. -- Katie Burke

Every day, well every half-day, a group of us friends would go out to lunch. It would always be a group of five to 10 and we would mess around wherever we were at. -- Norma Palestino

Winning 3A State Championship for Track and Field 2006. -- Carlos Lopez

When my boyfriend asked me out and gave me roses and Sour Patch Kids. -- Sarah Maebe

Prom 2006, it was my junior prom, but I'll always remember it because of how much fun I had. -- Sara Eddy

My favorite moment is every day, because I get to hang out with my friends. -- Randy Snodgrass

I really enjoyed playing football. -- Bryan Merritt

Most valuable lesson:

Listen and you don't always have to have the last word. -- Heather Brown

Don't joke about harassing someone. -- T.J. Harris

Never give up. Keep trying. -- Zak Miller

Patience. -- Zach Rodgers

I have come to learn, I should try my best and I have learned that no matter what you think, many people won't stay in your life forever. -- Sara Eddy

Don't hide out. If you do, you will miss everything that is fun. -- Mae Oswald

Be open, take the initiative to meet other students and teachers and don't drink too many energy drinks. Instead, do the Dew. Mountain Dew is healthier. -- Austin Bai

Don't dissect cats in Bio, right before lunch. -- Melissa Schwark

Most embarrassing moment:

At a pep rally at the high school, I had to put tights on and race in front of the whole school. -- Carlos Lopez

When my old truck would die out of nowhere, several times a day and people thought I was stalling. (It was automatic.) -- Jason Sweet

I was playing dodge ball and got hit in my head. I had a ball imprint on my face. -- Justin Wright

When I fell asleep in Mr. LaMotte's class my junior year, on my backpack and the button made a big red circle on my cheek. I looked like I had been punched. -- Lacey York

Senior girls trip to Gisela. We went quad riding and I was driving too fast through the river and flew off, face first, into the riverbank. It hurt, but it was pretty funny. -- Brooke Cannon

I fell asleep in class and the teacher woke me up by blowing an air horn. -- Ryan Nossek

I was bowling with friends and Frankie tells me to try to bowl underhand. I did hit nothing. Then he shouted, "Put some crazy behind it." I did, skipped two lanes and got a strike. -- Mae Oswald

In A.P. English this year, we were reading Shakespeare's "Othello" aloud. My line was "Tis true, I have been circumstanced." Needless to say, I used the wrong word and didn't notice until the whole class started laughing. -- Melissa Schwark

Describe your first date with someone at PHS:

After a football game, we went out to eat and then watched a movie at a friend's house. -- Nate Doyle

Going to the state fair. -- Carlos Lopez

My sophomore year I took my girlfriend Katie horseback riding at Kohl's Ranch, even though I hate horses. It was all right. -- Tanner Schaal

Went to a movie, then ATVing. -- Jonathon Craig

Taco Bell. It was romantic. -- Brett Cline

Playing video games at the bowling alley. Nothing says love like fighting robots. -- Katrina Reese

It was at the skate park. He tried to teach me how to skateboard and I fell and scraped my knee. -- Shiloh Turner

It was just something simple. I don't even really think of it as a date, just walking around Green Valley. -- Sara Eddy

Words of advice for underclassmen:

Chin up, stay smart. -- Keaton Loy

Don't party too much. -- Matthew D'Addabbo

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. Steve Prefontaine -- Hunter Hardt

Don't fail your classes. Try hard and keep on keeping on. -- Cole Herrera

Pass all your classes, because doing them again sucks. -- Mikey Wicks

Get a lot tougher. -- T.J. Harris

Don't lose yourself, give up your morals or change for anyone because it is really hard to find yourself again. -- Lacey York

Have fun while at school. When you get older, there isn't that much time for fun. -- Jonathon Craig

Cherish the moments. It goes by fast. -- Brett Cline

Don't procrastinate. -- Justin Wright

According to a Payson Roundup survey of the Class of 2007:

Best place to hang out:

"My friend's house" beat out "my house" by two votes for top place to hang out. Combined votes for Green Valley and Rumsey put the parks in third place. Wal-Mart came in fourth. "The woods" and Fireside Espresso took fifth place.

Favorite song:

"I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney

"That Girl is a Cowboy" by George Strait

"Red Neck Woman" by Gretchon Wilson

"Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne

"Graduation" by Vitamin C

"Like the Rain"" by Clint Black

Frank Sinatra

"If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback

"You and Me" by Lifehouse

"Unholy Confessions" by Averge Sevenfold

Favorite movie:



"Talladega Nights"


"Grandma's Boy"


"The Replacements"

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

"Harold and Kumar"

"The Prestige"

"Saving Private Ryan"

Favorite TV show:

"America's Next Top Model"


"Gilmore Girls"

"South Park"

"Grey's Anatomy"

Anything on Speed

"Mind of Mencia"


"Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

"Prison Break"

"Family Guy"

Favorite teacher:

Construction trades teacher Richard Alvarez was voted into first place. He was followed closely by English teacher Lindsay Smith and Coach Kenny Hayes.

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