Thank You To Parents Who Teach Character To Their Children



As a teacher at Rim Country Middle School for the past two years, I've had the privilege of working with incredible teachers and awesome students. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we were given surprises in the form of cards, candy, ice cream, homemade cookies, and coupons donated by area businesses from Student Council, FCCLA, Builders Club, administration and office staff, parent volunteers and FBLA. I'm grateful to live in a community that supports education. Thank you for your donations.

I'm also grateful for the parents of our middle-schoolers who live responsibly, teaching their children, by example, to respect authority and to live life honestly. By admitting when they've made a mistake and accepting the consequences for their actions, kids learn the life lessons and character building they need to live successful lives. Makeup lessons for those character traits are tougher to complete later in life.

Kids will tell their parents what they know their parents want to hear. Those parents who always believe everything their children tell them foster an attitude of "Us vs. Them." Kids quickly learn to fabricate whatever story they need to keep their parent(s) coming to their rescue.

My plea to those parents is this: Let your child know that a healthy conscience is a good thing; it isn't always someone else's fault; and everybody makes mistakes every day. When kids admit to you their mistakes, lavish them in love for having the courage to tell you they messed up and then move on together. They'll make more mistakes, as will you, but they'll learn what they can from those mistakes and be better people for having done so. There aren't any shortcuts in those steps if you want to help them develop into healthy, independent, responsible adults ten years from now.

Thankfully, the percentage of parents who fall into this category is very small. By far, the majority of our parents have excellent parenting skills, and the majority of our students are respectful, responsible and a joy to teach.

Thank you to the parents of those children. Never minimize the work you do.

Melba Field, Pine

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