A Response To Mr. Gary J. Bedsworth's Letter



I don't know Mr. Gary Bedsworth, but in a recent letter to the editor, he singled me out from among all the Gila County Facilities Committee members, stating I was not willing to listen to various alternatives. Mr. Bedsworth should get his facts straight.

As a committee member with perfect attendance, I was one of the first to insist on a very thorough investigation of options for financing and location of the proposed facilities.

In fact, my insistence on exploring all alternatives is a matter of public record. All Mr. Bedsworth or anyone else has to do, if truly interested in disseminating accurate information, is to check the public record of the committee's proceedings.

Of all the members of the committee, I was the only one with the most firsthand experience in the design and construction of projects, using public and private financing (through public/private partnerships). I don't suggest this makes me an expert, but it certainly makes me knowledgeable. I can speak to the advantages and disadvantageous of both, depending on the merits of each individual situation.

It is unfortunate that letters to the editor are printed without checking the veracity of the information, but then again, I suppose the one redeeming value of this practice is it allows people a platform to voice their opinions, and/or have their 15 minutes of fame.

Ken Volz, Payson

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