Find A Variety Of Antiques And Collectibles In Rim Country


Old saddles and hats, well-worn tin plates and cups, horsehair ropes - these are the trappings of the Rim Country's western heritage - and they can be found at a number of antique and collectible shops in the Payson and Pine areas.

Rustic or refined furnishings, old household linens, common and unusual treasures - these are some of the other finds awaiting shoppers.


Perhaps the biggest thrill of shopping for antiques and collectibles is the hunt. Even if you don't know what you want, there is probably something that will appeal to your fancy.

Those looking for the thrill of the hunt or just the right, storied accent piece or furnishing will not be disappointed. Some Rim Country proprietors will even offer to search elsewhere if they don't have what you want in their shops.

The 22 venues are as varied as the inventories. And the inventories are mind-boggling, from massive buffets and bedsteads to delicate porcelain trinket boxes.

One of the community's newest additions to the Rim Country's antiques and collectibles industry is Frontier Market Place, 404 S. Beeline Highway, Payson.

"I don't want people to feel crowded when they shop, clutching their purse in front of them and keeping their arms and elbows tight against their sides (for fear of knocking something over)," said owner Carol Barr. So, she keeps her space open for easy strolling. "That way customers can see a piece and imagine it in their home."

If you have visited antique and collectible shops in the Rim Country in the past, you will find some changes this summer. A few shops have closed, others have consolidated and some have moved to new, larger locations.

The following is a list of the shops in the area, their locations and telephone numbers. Hours vary, so give them a call first.


Art & Antiques Corral: 1104 S. Beeline at Western Village, (928) 472-3227

Big Bear Antiques: 422 S. Beeline Highway, (928) 474-5105

Breezee's Antiques & Furniture: 812 N. Beeline Highway, (928) 468-0777

The Carpenter's Wife Antiques: 112 W. Wade Lane, (928) 472-7343

Cedar Lane Antiques: 111 E. Cedar Lane, (928) 468-1351

The Comforts of Home: 200 W. Frontier Street, (928) 474-9801

Cracker Crate General Store: 900 N. Beeline Highway, (928) 472-3325

Eagle Mountain: 501 W. Main Street, (928) 468-0012

Frontier Market Place: 404 S. Beeline Highway, (928) 468-0101

Gasoline Alley: 407 W. Main Street, (928) 474-4932

Git A Rope: 404 W. Main Street, (928) 474-0011

Granny's Attic Antiques: 800 E. Highway 260, (928) 474-3962

Main Street Mercantile: 216 W. Main Street, (928) 468-0526

Payson Antiques: 1001 S. Beeline Highway, (928) 474-8988

Pioneer Village Trading Post: 1117 N. Beeline Highway, (928) 474-3911

Somewhere in Time Antiques: 503 W. Main Street, (928) 474-1996


Gingerbread House: 3936 N. Highway 87, (928) 476-3504

Moose Mountain/Moose Mart Antiques: 6254 W. Hardscrabble Road, (928) 476-3044

Our House: 3879 N. Highway 87, (928) 476-5800

Pine Country Antiques & Vintage: Highway 87, just south of Shell, (928) 476-2219

Pine Station: 3998 N. Highway 87, (928) 476-4882

Tymeless Antiques & Treasures: 3716 N. Prince Drive, (928) 476-4618

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