How Many People Wonder About The State Of The World?



How many people think that the churches providing sanctuary to illegals trying to circumvent immigration laws should lose their tax-exempt status for helping them break the law?

How many people wonder why everybody talks about the high cost of gasoline, but nobody talks about the continuing higher cost of diesel fuel?

How many people think that after 12,000 years of living under tribal chiefs or kings, the Iraq and Afghanistan people will understand and live in a democracy?

How many people wonder why our politicians form our foreign policies as if everyone in this world thinks, acts and reacts the same as if they were born and raised in Topeka, Kan.?

How many people wonder if our country's leaders ever study the history books about the areas they intend to affect, before they launch any initiatives in foreign countries?

How many people wonder if this is why I sip my afternoon toddy and scratch my head about these and other happenings that seem to be at odds with the use of reason and common sense?

John "Opie" Oppertshauser, Tonto Basin

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