Americans Shouldn't Accept Gun Violence As Fact Of Life



I have to set the record straight about Debbie Button's response to my letter regarding gun violence. Debbie, I think you should go back and reread my letter. There is no mention in there about gun control and the statistics come right from our U.S. government. So, if you dispute the numbers, you will have to take that up with them. I respect your choice of party affiliation and your concern about abortion and I wouldn't dispute your claim that abortion kills more children than guns. You could fill this whole newspaper about statistics of every kind, but I chose to draw a comparison between terrorism and gun violence. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am Independent, so I have the liberty to think for myself and pick my own battles and gun violence in this country happens to be one that troubles me.

There will never be any meaningful gun control in this country and that's a shame. Politicians won't touch it. We Americans are obsessed with guns, cars and pickup trucks and I have all of these but I have more use for the car and truck. The guns are way low on my list of necessities. We Americans accept gun violence as an everyday fact of life. It's in our American culture. The government statistics that I quoted also pointed out the huge differences between gun violence in the United States and other developed countries. Why? Where did we go wrong? What's the answer? Ignore it?

Just something to think about.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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