Fake Bugles A Disgrace



Your recent article relative to the bugler with the Payson Military Honor Guard is a disgrace and a slap in the face to all real, live buglers.

The Master Sgt. in the photo that accompanied the article is holding a digital (fake) bugle. He is not playing the bugle, a computer chip is.

In short, he is a faker, which in the eyes of Bugles Across America, is a disgrace to all veterans who have served.

As for his participation in Echo Taps Worldwide, we are looking into this because digital bugles were absolutely forbidden. Bugles Across America is an organization of live buglers, not fakers. At 5,000 strong, we volunteer our time to provide live buglers for military honors. Those who present themselves as real buglers, but use the digital, are a disgrace. This guy is a prime example.

Larry Carey Jr., Georgia State Director, Bugles Across America

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