Delinquent Taxpayer Scam Reported In Globe


A delinquent taxpayer scam was reported in the Globe-Miami area. According to Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores, someone may be trying to scam money out of Gila County taxpayers by calling them up at night and informing them that their property taxes are delinquent and asking them to send money to make up the delinquency.

Flores stated that Gila County Treasurer Debora Savage reported that they have had at least two people report the scam to the treasurer's office. According to at least one of the reports, a female called after business hours and told the property owners that their taxes were delinquent. Then the caller gave them an address to send the money to. When the owners contacted the treasurer the following day, they discovered that their property taxes were not delinquent at all.

Savage reported that property owners who are delinquent in their property taxes are notified by mail. When her office receives some of these notices returned by the post office, they do sometimes make phone calls to try to locate the property owners, but it is unlikely that they would make any such calls after normal business hours. Additionally, no one from her office would ever ask anyone to send their taxes anywhere, but to the Gila County Treasurer's Office.

According to Savage, "Anyone who wants to verify whether or not their taxes have been paid, they can call (928) 402-8703 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday."

Flores said, "There are limitless ways to scam the public. The public should be suspicious of anyone who contacts them by phone or e-mail and asks for money or personal information."

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