Digital Bugle Goes Against Spirit Of Echotaps



Your story published on May 17 is appreciated for content, but certainly not pictorially. EchoTaps Worldwide, 2007, celebrates, among other important items of remembrance, the sounding of "Taps" by real, live buglers, because those being honored gave their very real lives in the service of their country.

Yet you have completely missed this point by showing a retired MSgt. posing with a fake, digital bugle. If he also happens to be a fake bugler, how in heaven's name can you publish the "fact" that he will be "performing" "Taps" at an EchoTaps Worldwide event?

I submit to you, that no matter how well intended their plan, it is completely antithetical to the purposes and mission of Bugles Across America, and the VA National Cemetery System, if a digital bugle is used.

In the future, I urge the Payson Military Honor Guard to stand down, unless live buglers are going to be used.

David A. Schindler, Assistant State Director, Florida, Bugles Across America

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