English Is The Language That Should Be Spoken In The United States



I have been watching the battle of the immigrants -- who is right, who is wrong. The one thing we must remember is that we all came from immigrants, with the exception of the Native Americans who were here prior to Christopher Columbus. I find that we set rules and regulation for the benefit of many, but not all. My family took part in settling the West. They were the first settlers in the Show Low and the White Mountains area. We are American, even though my great ancestors came from England.

My biggest concern is that when a person becomes an American citizen, he or she should learn to speak English fluently. For example, my husband undergoes surgery. He is in the recovery room. No one speaks English. He was trying to explain that he was in a great deal of pain and needed something for it, but his nurse could not understand him.

Later, he is transferred to his room for the night. Again, his nurse could not understand that he was in a great deal of pain. About three hours later, there was a female who walked into his room and ask him what he needed -- someone who spoke English. She was also the switchboard operator. She was asked by the nursing staff to translate to find out what he wanted.

English should be our first language spoken. My husband felt that he was in a foreign country, but he was here in Arizona in these United States.

There are Americans who could learn to speak English better, just look and listen to sports interviews, reporters, and I find it funny that whenever there is a reporter doing an interview at a scene, why is it always the lady in a muumuu with rollers in her hair or the guy with the white T-shirt with his belly hanging out that is picked out to tell what they saw or what just happened?

What I am trying to say is, it doesn't matter if you are legal or illegal immigrant or a born citizen. Learn to communicate with English. That is the language used here in the United States. We should not feel like we are in a foreign country. We should not have to learn a second language, just to get our point across.

June Hart, Tonto Basin

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