It Would Be A Shame Not To Use Commander's Experience



I have read with interest the ongoing process for hiring a new Chief of Police for the Town of Payson. While living in Payson for almost five years, I had the privilege of working with Chief Gartner and (Lt.) Commander Engler as a patrol officer in the VIA program. The professionalism of Commander Engler, along with his ability, experience and education would seem to put him head and shoulders above any other candidate. Plus, his knowledge of the local law enforcement needs and the criminal players in the area would guarantee a seamless enforcement policy with no time needed for learning the community, department and the criminal environment.

As one who had the honor of being rewarded and chewed out by Commander Engler, I can say he is a fair and no nonsense administrator. (He allowed me to be the first VIA patrol officer to officially ride by myself and had no problem correcting me when I violated department policy in the use of vehicle emergency lights). While I no longer live in Payson, my heart has a large part of Payson in it. I hope that the current administration is wise enough to promote the best candidate, who happens to be Commander Engler. It would be a waste to have his experience, loyalty, passion and ability not put to its best use as the new Police Chief for the Town of Payson.

Rev. Robert H. Elliott, Asst. Chaplain Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

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