Spectator Comments On Flyball Tournament



I was watching the North American Flyball Association's "Dog Event" in the ball field across from Payson's library recently.

As a spectator, several things came to my mind while watching this eye-opening event.

First, it was a real treat for the dogs, as they were allowed to run uninhibited in an open space.

Second, I overheard one of the participants shouting an obscene word when it was their turn to race, and it didn't come from one of the dogs.

Third, it seems funny to me that in today's "doggone" society, the dog is the one seen leading the owner.

Quite frankly, do we know what we get when we spell "dog" backwards?

I'm thankful I didn't have to clean up the mess afterwards. I came out of it feeling I was a lucky dog, and I realized, so were they.

Lawrence Carreau, Payson

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