Cats: Putting On The Leash.


When cats are relinquished to Payson Humane Society, one of the questions we ask is, "Has this cat been leash trained?" In the majority of cases, the answer is no. Most people have never tried walking a cat on leash.

For a variety of reasons, leash training a cat can enhance its enjoyment of life and protect it from the dangers of being outdoors on its own. Begin leash training when the cat is young and it will take to the idea easily.

A traditional H-harness works well, especially if it fastens on top instead of on the bottom. Quick-release fasteners make putting the harness on and taking it off a snap. Cats soon come to relate having the harness put on to getting to go outdoors.

Some cats are quite adventurous and even make good hiking partners. Others prefer to explore nooks and crannies hoping for a little mouse or lizard. Cats like to sit near a bird feeder and can watch the birds, chipmunks and squirrels for a long time. It is easy to control the cat by keeping a good grip on the leash and paying attention to how close the cat is getting to the birds. People can learn a lot about cat behavior by following them around at the other end of the leash.

Cats on leash don't leave their yards and bother neighbors. They don't kill native birds and small mammals. They are safe from traffic, mean people, coyotes and dogs. They don't get into fights with other cats and they pick up fewer diseases. They travel well. And best of all, they are perfectly happy and content.

Meet a few of our adoptable cats and kittens.


Anastasia is a curious and friendly 7-year-old spayed female kitty princess. Her pussy willow gray coat is trimmed with snow-white accents. Because Ana is declawed, she needs to be an indoor cat. She is very good about using a litter box. She came from a quiet household and would prefer that type of environment in her new home. If you are looking for a snuggler, Anastasia may be the feline for you!


Salem is a wonderful 5-month-old neutered male long-haired black and white kitten. He is the essence of tranquility, stretched out full length in a snooze, or he can be a pouncing tiger when tempted with a feathery kitty toy. You are going to love this handsome little fellow.


Bruce is a mellow 2-year-old neutered male bicolor gray tabby cat. We think his pink nose is about the cat's meow. Bruce was found in Green Valley Park in a tree and brought to our shelter for safekeeping. He is a dear, quiet soul who longs for the comfort of a loving home with people who think he is the center of their universe.


Ricky is the sweetest 2-year-old neutered male long-haired gray and white kitty boy. His coat is so soft and sensuous that you just can't stop touching him. Ricky is a friendly, playful cat and he gets along beautifully with the lady cats in his condo.


Taffy is a loveable 1-year-old spayed female burnt orange tabby cat. She is very calm, composed and photogenic. This lovely kitty girl gets along well with everyone, from the other cats in her condo to people of all ages. You surely won't be disappointed if you take Taffy home.

The Payson Humane Society animal shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street.

Low-cost spay/neuter clinic

Due to the popularity of the recent low-cost spay/neuter clinic, there will be another clinic held Tuesday, Nov. 13. It will again be hosted by the Plateau Land Mobile Clinic (a division of Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff), and Payson Humane Society. It will be held in a lot behind the Payson Humane Society. Look for signs at the entrance at 804 S. McLane Rd.

Surgery fees are as follows: $55 for any animal weighing less than 60 pounds. Additional fees may apply. Vaccinations and other services will be available to surgery patients at an additional low-cost fee.

Spay/neuter surgeries will be on an appointment basis only. To make an appointment or for further information, call the clinic toll-free at (888) 241-9731.

Interested pet owners may also call the Payson Humane Society at 474-5590 or visit us online at

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