Every Vote Is Important


Every election is important and needs the attention of voters.

For Gila County residents, Tuesday will determine how residents feel about the county's proposal for new taxes to build new courthouse and jail facilities in Payson and Globe.

It has been a hotly debated issue for months, with many pros and cons on each side.

We hope readers will examine the issue with the three part series of stories we have completed in this issue. We hope residents will make their decision based on facts, not rumors. There have been numerous other commentaries and guest columns published on our opinion pages throughout the last few months.

The issue needs to be thoroughly contemplated by voters, and is too important for a low voter turnout. The fate of the two ballot questions should not be decided by 25 percent of voters. Every vote does count and, on issues such as this, the more people who vote, either to approve or disapprove, the better. County officials need to understand the will of the people.

Your polling place is listed on your informational brochure sent in the mail. We have also published a list of voting places in today's issue. If you are not sure what voting precinct you are in, call the recorder's office for help.

Your vote is needed to decide this issue. Don't let others decide this issue for you.

Home break-ins -- be safe

There has been a rash of home break-ins during the past several weeks. Payson Police officers are investigating the incidents. Not much has been released to the public, lest those committing the crimes learn about the leads police have.

The Rim Country, with its high percentage of absentee homeowners, is vulnerable to home break-ins.

Residents throughout the community need to be aware of the break-ins. Remember to keep your doors locked, your security measures in place and not to let people in your home who you don't know. Usually, safe communities such as Payson can be targeted by criminals, as in this case. Residents need to take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid becoming victims.

Neighbors need to watch for strange cars and people around vacant homes. When and if you see something, call the police. The more eyes and ears the police have in the community, the more security the community will enjoy.

Thanks for five years of writing, Christy Powers

Christy Powers wrote her last column about pets for this issue of the Roundup. She has also given up writing about Pine and Strawberry.

We want to thank her and her now-famous standard poodle, Higgins, for five years of faithful column writing. In the last five years, she has tremendously increased the awareness of our readers about proper pet care.

Additionally, she has covered events in Pine and Strawberry for the same duration of time. Both of her columns have provided important information to our readers. Thank you, Christy, and we wish you the best in your new adventures.

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