Put Your Faith In Tommie Martin And Support The County Complex



I work a full time job and have a very busy lifestyle. I pay as much or more than most of you in property and sales taxes. Except for an occasional trip to a Costco store in the Valley, I purchase all goods and services here in Payson. I am for the excise tax to improve the county complex and I'll tell you why; We need this improvement and we need it urgently, we need security NOW, working room and organization are needed NOW, and we need an incentive for improvement. Do you believe the town hall will do much to improve Main Street? The mayor is crying because he's getting his toes stepped on.

I feel we're lucky that we'll be getting a percentage of the revenue for this project.

Supervisor Tommie Martin has fought long and hard for this, as her interest is only the best for Northern Gila County. Remember the helicopter dip tanks placed strategically throughout our wooded areas? This project was her doing, yet she gets no credit. I very much appreciate what she has done for us in the past. I totally support what she is doing now, against great odds.

As for security, if loved ones get hurt or killed for lack of it, relatives will sue the county (which is you) for damages. Property taxes will skyrocket to pay legal expenses and punitive awards. For fear of this, the Globe powers that be may close offices here and many good employees will lose their jobs. We have a wonderful and very dedicated staff of county employees. They work basically for peanuts and do an outstanding job. Let's not put them in jeopardy by voting "no." Get them better working conditions, so they can do an even better job at providing services for us.

The new complex will not only be a tremendous improvement, but also a very attractive landmark. Landmarks get visitors' attention, not little wood signs. Courthouses are the center of most attractive and well-known towns. Wouldn't you rather have your jury duty here, instead of traveling to and from Globe? The county complex improvement fits Main Street.

What does not fit are automotive repair shops, a plumbing store (not open to retail), an investment business, carpet stores, vacant lots, and yes, a storage business... all of which don't support tourism.

If you have a problem with Globe cutting into our tax money proceeds, then get off your complaining, apathetic butts and move the controlling factor here, starting with moving the county seat and redrawing district lines.

Get rid of apathy and selfishness. Learn what is fact, not fiction. Forget about all the scare tactics, ridiculous paid ads, and all the "Chicken Littles." Put a leash on Uncle Bob and vote "yes" for us. Vote "yes" for the excise tax. Put your faith in Tommie Martin.

Brad Bennett

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