Reading While Driving Is Questionable.


Two things strike me each evening as I watch the news on Channel 12.

The first one is the fact that they put the traffic report on television. I'll get to the second one in a minute.

I used to wonder why they put a traffic report on television. "Surely," I used to ask, "there isn't anyone crazy enough to turn on a TV set in his car and watch it, is there?"

I don't ask that kind of question anymore. I never start a sentence with,

"Surely there isn't anyone crazy enough to...."

No matter what subject you name, I truly believe there's someone out there crazy enough to do it.

Every once in a while, for example, I watch one of the send-us-your-home-video shows. If you have any doubt about people being crazy enough to do anything, no matter how dumb, watching one of those shows is a good place to lose that doubt. There are folks on those programs who do things that are so obviously destined to end in disaster they must know it. But they not only do it, they tape it and send it in! Probably from their hospital beds--or caskets.

Oh, well....

So do you suppose there's anyone out there watching a TV show in his car? If the things I see on the road are any indication, there's bound to be.

I watched a teenage kid, or very young adult perhaps, make a left turn with a cell phone in his hand the other day in Payson. He turned into the wrong lanes, straight into oncoming traffic! Thank God there was an empty lane!

Realizing his mistake, he did a huey in front of someone and sped off in the opposite direction.

A little over a month ago, I saw a woman with a cell phone in her hand go straight through the busy intersection of 87 and 260 when the light turned green for the folks in the left-turn lane.

Once again, luck prevented a disastrous crash; the folks turning left were a little slow and she shot right through before they got started.

She didn't do it deliberately, either, as shown by the fact that as soon as she got through the intersection, she jumped on her brakes, no doubt realizing what a garish mistake she had just made. Then she took off--fast!--probably in hopes that Payson PD hadn't seen her run the light.

About two years back, I actually saw someone reading a newspaper as he drove the freeway, and heaven only knows how many people, both male and female, I've seen looking at themselves in a vanity mirror, as they strayed from side to side in a lane. The old saw -- "vanity, thy name is woman" -- needs amending.

So what's the second thing that strikes me each evening as I watch the traffic report on Channel 12? Have you already guessed it?

Stay home and stay healthy!

My 2002 Chevy has just 11,000 miles on it.

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