Thanks For Supporting The Arts Community



Thank you, Payson Roundup for supporting the Zane Grey Mystery Theater!

I couldn't have said it better; "the town is missing a necessary piece of the cultural pie: Community theater." I have worked hard to present a forum for a Payson theater.

The Payson Roundup has been supportive every step of the way.With award-winning writers like Carol LaValley and top-notch reviews from Noble Collins' Edge of Payson, you have given a voice to the arts! You have your finger on the pulse of Payson.

As a critical care RN, I know how important it is to keep it strong. It's clear that, if Payson Roundup puts it out there, people will come. Your message went further than our little town. People read your paper all over Arizona! They came from Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson! Our out-of-town guests were looking for a taste of our unique heritage.

There is no place better to celebrate Arizona's history. Zane Grey, himself, came up here to make his movies because he asked the question "Where are the roughest toughest cowboys in the world?"

The answer was, of course, Payson, Arizona. We have a responsibility to keep our rich heritage alive. want to thank those that made the Zane Grey Theater happen.Jinx Pyle's family has "left big tracks" in the Rim Country for four generations. His "Git A Rope" store holds secrets and treasures of Payson's well-preserved history. Jinx's tales gave me inspiration for many scripts to come.

PHS's Kathy and John Siler opened the drama department's heart to us; providing costumes, technical support, and two wonderful actors, Lannie Oszewski and Zachary Horsley. Kathy is dedicated to preparing students to celebrate the arts and hopes that they won't have to leave town to do it. We have so much talent up here in Payson, which brings me to the rest of the cast that made it a pleasure to play; Jim West, Wes Stills, Sharon Collins, Gayle Barnes, Kay Schultz, J.R. Holiday, Bill Still, and Su Connell. They brilliantly portrayed the fun and spirit of the Old West. Finally, a big thanks to Ginger Schoettinger, who took a risk inviting theater to Payson's 125th celebration.

Kathleen Kelly

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