Volunteers Needed For Fuels Grant Committee.


I drove around the Village this past weekend and many of the residents were busy raking up pine needles and fallen leaves.

One resident I spotted was Linda Stailey with a mask on her face.


Tonto Village resident Linda Stailey is busy raking up pine needles at her home this past weekend. Notice that in the background, dust can be seen hanging in the air from the Control Road.

The air was full of dust from the Control Road and it was difficult to breathe.

The speed limit is 25 mph but no one goes that slow. I myself choke up by the end of the day and my throat closes up from the dust.

There are people who are on respirators and infants and children along Johnson Boulevard who will most likely have respiratory problems later on in their lives from all the dust they have consumed.

Last week, a crew was leveling out the bumps on the road without being watered down first.

This action contributed to the dust that compounded the particles in the air.

I and everyone along the Control Road and Tonto Village have petitioned for the road to be paved, but so far, nothing has been done.

We all urge whoever is in charge to have pity on all the villagers and pave the Control Road, at the very least, past Tonto Village III.

Getting rid of leaves

Getting back to the leaves and pine needles: Residents can pile them up and haul them to the Blattner pit on Highway 260 on Saturdays.

Residents who want to burn them, need to contact the Tonto Village Fire Station for a burn permit. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The phone number for the station is (928) 478-4875.

If Kevin Martin is not there, please leave your name and phone number and he will call you back or you can call the Diamond Star Fire station at (928) 474-3835.

Tonto Village Fire District

Fire Board Chairman, Rick Washburn is looking for volunteers for the SFA Fuels Grant Committee.

One volunteer is needed from each community which include Tonto Village, Thompson Draw I, Thompson Draw II, Bear Flat, Mead Ranch, Collins Ranch, Diamond Point Summer Homes, Ellison Creek Summer Homes and Ellison Creek Estates.

Committee members will become Firewise Assessment certified.

This will involve taking a spring class and being able to complete Firewise assessments throughout the Tonto Village Fire District.

They will also work on administering the SFA fuels grant and all volunteer time on this committee will allow the district to recoup funds from the grant.

Anyone who is interested, please call the Tonto Village fire station or the Diamond Star fire station.

Tonto Village Chapel

Interim Pastor Roger Pike has called for a cleanup day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11 at the Chapel. You are urged to bring a sack lunch.

This week has been designated as Missionary week for the Chapel, Star Valley Church and the mother church in Payson. The first service will be at the Tonto Village Chapel on Sunday, Nov. 4.

There will be a luncheon after the service and followed by a question and answer session by missionary Joseph Ball.

Election Day

My husband Bill and I will again be at the polling station for the Zane Grey district in Christopher Creek at the church on top of the hill also known as the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church on election day, Nov. 6.

There will be two issues for the voters, the jail bond issue and the election of the Tonto Village Water Board.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please get out and vote for these important issues.

Double ‘D' doings

This past Saturday evening was the big Halloween celebration put on by Ethel and Dan Cain.

It was standing room only and the parking lot was completely full and spilled over to other properties.

Rockin' Ron Gibson played for the crowd.

Winners for the best costumes went to Nick Fitch, who was dressed as his wife Gayle, Barbara Barnes as Bat Woman took second place and third place went to Buck and Susie Shill, who were dressed as pirates.

Tuesday evening, the nine-ball gals took over the pool tables with their tournament with the Christopher Creek gals.

Betty Koutz shot for first place, followed by Nancy Pierce from Christopher Creek and Kara Shaw shot for third place. Congratulation to the winners.


Clint and Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III, will celebrate 56 years of marriage on Friday, Nov. 2. Your life together is an inspiration. Happy anniversary and celebrate the special love that you both share.

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