Weighing In On Where The Mogollon Rim Ends.


The Fall Festival was fun for those who attended, especially the children. My grandchildren had a great time although they were afraid of the gorilla. Many people put a lot of work into this event. Thanks to all of them.

McNeeley quad run

The Quad Poker Run, sponsored by the Justice McNeeley Foundation, will be Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Rimside Grill. Sign in begins at 9:30 a.m. and you are on your way at 10.

There are prizes for the best hands. Lots of other fun and games, including horseshoes and volleyball, will be going on all day long beginning with a breakfast special for $2.99.

This is a fund-raiser for the Justice McNeeley Foundation and all proceeds help children in Pine and Strawberry with special medical needs.

Tall tales

Tellabration, a celebration of storytelling, begins at 7 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 17, in the Cultural Hall at the Pine Community Center. The seven tellers who will be participating are: Dorothy Daniels Anderson, Doug Bland, Ricardo Provencio, Liz Warren, Victor McGraw, Dee Strickland Johnson and Carol Knarr.

Tellabration tickets are $5.00 and are available at the door. Dinner Before Theatre tickets are $25.00 and are available at Pioneer Title Agency in Pine.

Tellabration is celebrated around the world on the Saturday prior to the American Thanksgiving. The Pine event is produced by Dan Doyle, a storyteller himself and a Pine resident.

This year's hosts are the DPS Quilt Angels, a chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild. Proceeds from Tellabration will go to the building fund of the Payson Humane Society.

The new officers for the Pine Library Friends are: President -- Sandy Tower, Vice presidents -- Toni Sorel and Nancy Bollard, Secretary -- Marian Inward and Treasurer -- Shirley Manchester.

This group meets monthly and visitors are always welcome.

Timeless Rim

A little trivia: An article in The Arizona Republic in early September titled "A Mogollon Rim question that isn't about the pronunciation," asks the question -- What is the eastern terminus of the Mogollon Rim and what is the western terminus?

Not an easy question and there is lots of disagreement.

According to the U.S Geological Survey, the west end of the Rim is 2.5 miles northwest of Strawberry and the east end is eight miles south of Show Low.

The article continues: "According to Arizona law, the cliff-like escarpment, located in northern Arizona, which separates the Colorado Plateau and the central highlands and forms, in part, the divide between the Little Colorado and Salt River drainage areas, also forming a portion of the boundaries of Coconino and Gila counties, is designated and shall be known as the Mogollon Rim."

The book, "Roadside Geology of Arizona," by Halka Chronic, says that the Rim runs from close to the intersection of US 93 and I-40 into New Mexico.

The Rim is older than the Grand Canyon.


This is my final Pine/Strawberry column.

When I first began writing this column, I announced that I did not have time to go searching around Pine and Strawberry for things to write about.

You all have been terrific about getting information to me. It is a community column and if groups and organizations want their information publicized, they need to get it to us. You are wonderful.

One interesting phenomenon I have observed is that the people who complain because their information is not in the paper or something was incorrect are often the ones who do not subscribe to, or even read, the paper.

Everyone who lives in one of our wonderful little communities in the Rim Country should read a local paper.

How else will they know all the wonderful things that are going on and the terrific people who are doing it all? Lots of Ostriches live up here -- are ostriches the ones who bury their heads in the sand?

I have gotten to know a lot of people around Pine and Strawberry. Many people recognize me from my photo in the column. Particularly it is nice when someone says thank you for an event I have covered or a story I have written.

Don't forget to send me your interesting house stories. My neighbor, Lorene and I, will make sure they are made available to interested readers. Send them to me, Christy Powers, HC1 Box 210, Strawberry 85544.

We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful place, this Rim Country. Let's take care of it. Have you seen the new signs which say -- "Think FIREWISE. Protect our community." Those were sponsored by the Pine Strawberry Fuels Reduction Advisory Committee. We are all working to keep us safe.

Thank you for your years of friendship. I will still be here, most of the time. My black-dog-pack and I will be doing some traveling. But, Strawberry is where we live and it is what we love. Stay safe and as the holiday season approaches, slow down and enjoy it.

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