A Visible Way To Conserve Water


Water-conscious residents will find the Payson Water Department's newest project rather delightful.

Several years ago the water department spearheaded the effort to provide information on low-water use plants for landscaping.

The list of plants, while helpful in theory, fell short for many homeowners who didn't necessarily have a lot of knowledge of plants, Karen Probert with the Payson Water Department said.

Probert, with the help of others, spent much of the last few years organizing an illustrated version of the list to make landscaping much easier.

"It's really hard when people want to plan a design, if they don't know what the plants look like," she said.

The packet is also available in CD/DVD form for computer access. It contains hundreds of plants and pictures -- flowers, trees, shrubbery and grasses among them -- along with information about how frequently to water and xeriscape water conservation principles.

"We wanted people to know the wide variety of plants available that are low- and native-use water plants," she said.

The packets will be finalized by Friday and are printed in-house. The illustrated packets are available for purchase from the water department for five dollars.

The CDs will also be sold but Probert doesn't know how much they will go for.

"(The CDs) will probably be a dollar," she said.

Developers will also be given a packet when creating a new development in town. They are required to landscape with plants included in the list.

"New developers must follow the plant list we've created when landscaping their properties," she said.

Probert said Plant Fair Nursery was instrumental in the process.

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